Why Do Great Relationships Fail? And How To Keep/Get Your Amazing Relationship!

There is no simple answer to why most people think relationships fail. Before I start revealing the simple, yet rarely known reason why a relationship fails, let’s first define the term relationship in this article. Relationship is defined as: the way two people behave (think primarily) towards each other. We both know that relationships usually … Read more

The Effects of Menopause On Relationships

Do you sometimes think about the effects of menopause on your relationships? How are rapid mood swings, irritability and other emotional symptoms affecting your loved ones? What is your lack of motivation and accidental fatigue on your family obligations? You probably have a husband or partner and children who have not left home yet. You … Read more

Relationships: Why Do Some People Only Feel Good About Themselves When They’re In A Relationship?

What can get someone is that they are able to make themselves feel good, even if they are not in a relationship. It would then be clear that they would not depend on anyone else to experience positive emotions. Â € Being that way most likely stops them from starting a relationship with someone just … Read more

Understanding Age Gap Relationships

Interestingly, a study on the age difference relationship indicated that cases in which the wife was older in age than the husband showed a better proportion than the normal adjustment, as in those in which the husband was eight or Was more years old. Yet these same marriages also showed the highest proportion of poor … Read more

5 Strategies for Building Relationships

Whatever we do, both in our personal and professional lives, our relationships stand as a cornerstone to help us grow. Relationships are what develop a successful business, allow friendships to happen, and quite frankly, that govern the world. Let’s take a look at the following quote: “The quality of your life is the quality of … Read more