Living-In Relationships

[ad_1] This era of instant gratification and tenant relationship has undergone a radical change in the outlook of time honored institutions like marriage. Over the past few decades, marriage rates have been falling as cohabitation rates have been rising. Today, only about 50% of couples live together when compared to a generation ago, about 50% … Read more

Building Great Soulmate Relationships

[ad_1] Building great intimate relationships in life takes time and commitment. If you choose to spend time and you choose to commit then you will definitely create a relationship that will give you happiness and satisfaction. Some of the keys to building great relationships include: Connect with someone you love Make time to remind your … Read more

Happy Habits for Relationships

[ad_1] Romance is a way to express your love, icing on the cake. But do not wait for special occasions to express your love. Make sure that you nurture your love affairs by practicing these basic habits in your day to day life. These may sound very basic, but how many exercises do you do … Read more

Relationships Foster Peace And Prosperity

[ad_1] Relationships are strong and healthy in times of emergency and needs. The natural disasters such as floods, famines etc. result in the integration of the people of a region. They contribute whatever they can to help the affected. Festivals and celebrations go a long way to forge relationships between people who abandon views of … Read more

The Importance Of Being Engaged And Present In All Our Relationships

[ad_1] Must be silent to hear How busy are you in your relationships? Do you exist within the relationship? I do not mean physically present because it is a given. I am talking about being mentally, emotionally and spiritually invested in a relationship. Being devoted means ending difficult times if the relationship goes into rough … Read more