Relationships: Is Your Emotional State Controlled By Other People’s Moods?


Such as whether or not it is a good idea for someone to go along with another person’s emotional state, all can depend on which state they are in. If this person is happy, then embracing the same state is likely to have a positive impact on people’s welfare. .

On the other hand, if this person is angry or unhappy, they are unlikely to do any good by adopting this condition. There are going to be times when it would be a good idea to allow your emotional state to mimic a person’s emotional state and timing.

emotional contagion

However, even when this happens, one may find that there are times when they are unable to control how they feel. Ergo, even if running for another person, they will be ready in the end.

This is not a problem if another person is in a good place, but it will be when they are not. When it comes to the latter, it may be necessary for one person to get away from another person.

A time and a place

This does not mean that if one has to go through a difficult time, one should get away from someone. The reason for this is that there will be times when no other person is in a good way and it would be a good idea for them to offer their support.

It may be that someone has lived in a very small place in this person’s life. Ones mood may decline during this time, but shortly after their time is up, return to how it should be.


Undoubtedly, having the ability to connect with another person’s mood is going to have a positive impact on their relationship. Also, being able to maintain his kingdom will also allow him to act like a person.

If they did not have this ability, they would cease acting, although they were only an extension of the others. Instead of being able to vocalize themselves, they would suit the mood of other people.


Just because another person is not in a good place or is very angry, for example, does not mean that someone joins them. Ultimately, they do not require that the person passing by, they do not need to feel responsible; Unless of course, he has played no part in what is going on for him.

And if the other person has a responsibility for what they are doing, they would not expect them to play a role. It can show that the other person also has well-defined boundaries.

A different reality

Not everyone is able to relate to it, which means that there will be people who find it difficult to maintain their emotional state around others. Thus, instead of being able to act like a person, they can act as if they are merely an extension of others.

If they are able to maintain their emotional state, it may only be due to the fact that another person’s emotional state is the same. The other person will provide them with the same permission they need to experience similar feelings.

Walking on egg peel

It is a challenge for them to articulate themselves around others; Their primary concern will be what someone else is experiencing. Deep down, they could believe that it is not safe for them to express who they are.

So like a waiter who tries his best to make sure everyone stays happy; This will work to ensure that other people are happy. For some reason, they will believe that they are responsible for how other people feel.

Spoiled relationship

Some people in their lives may lack boundaries, which causes them to have a flaw in how they feel. But as one also lacks boundaries, they are settling down with such behavior.

If they are in an intimate relationship, they may find it difficult to relax around their partner. Focusing on what is happening externally will be a way for them to try to predict when their partner will lose their temper, making it easier for them to do what they do.

Close look

What they can do to make others happy will be one that feels comfortable, yet it is going to cause their true-self to be hidden. If one has to take a step back and reflect on how long their life has been, they may find that what is happening in their adult life is a continuation of events that occurred during their early years is.

At this stage of his life, he may have had at least one caring person who was emotionally unpredictable. As a result of this, they are not able to rest in their bodies and listen to their needs; They have to stay on the sidelines and focus on what is happening externally.


This carer may have blamed other people for how they felt, and this would have set one up to believe whether they were happy or not. The care they require is not provided, they are treated more like a caregiver than a child.

As a result, one will have poor boundaries and have a weak relationship with the inner world. Developing boundaries and staying in touch with their right-self will be an essential part of their healing process.

If someone can relate to it, and they want to change their life, they may have to reach out for outside help. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

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