Relationships Foster Peace And Prosperity


Relationships are strong and healthy in times of emergency and needs. The natural disasters such as floods, famines etc. result in the integration of the people of a region. They contribute whatever they can to help the affected. Festivals and celebrations go a long way to forge relationships between people who abandon views of creed, caste, and religion. Without the efforts and cohesion of the workforce, the world would not have seen what we enjoy in our lives. Here, some examples of actual events are presented to emphasize the importance of relationships for personal and business prospects.

A caterer has meticulous and systematic ways of doing things. He maintains punctuality and words. Care is taken to ensure that the customer gets complete satisfaction. This caterer took the order and ensured two additional dishes as surprising accolades. Not only this, the business surprises its customers by sending sweets and snacks through a messenger on special occasions like festivals.

A news group publishes readers’ articles and ideas and rewards them with points that can be credited and redeemed for any gift or voucher for any purchase from vendors who have a relationship with the group. Jewelry, hotels, and textile showrooms send greetings to customers on their birthdays and anniversaries. They send gift vouchers to shop at their shops.

After conversation and negotiation, two rooms were booked online with the prestigious chain of hotels. However, the employees concerned failed to confirm the reservation of accommodation due to some technical reasons. When the day of check-in arrived, the hotel was contacted to alert us of our arrival to keep the room ready, but the staff at the counter denied any booking in the caller’s name. Even after providing an email to clear the doubt, the counter staff clearly stated that there are no rooms available for the stay. However, the staff regretted the inconvenience and volunteered to get a room at another nice hotel nearby. In fact, the new hotel was regularly better; A blessing in disguise though at a temporary inconvenience, indeed.

Generally, people of every country wish for good relations of peace and prosperity on earth. It is the selfish mind of a handful of individuals that destabilizes the hopes of the majority population. Why don’t leaders of nations and religions try to have a happy and lasting coexistence without getting involved in arms piles and power-hungry races?

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