Relationships: Can A Relationship Bring Up Someone’s Attachment Trauma?


When someone goes into a relationship, they can be confident that they have finally met their match. Through what they have been through in the past, when it comes to this area of ​​their lives, it is going to end well and truly.

At one point, it would be as if they were on a stormy sea and now, they would be on calm waters. Then there is not going to be another blast – the path in front of them will be completely flat.

An unexpected result

However, although this may be how anyone currently views this area of ​​their life, it does not mean that their outer world is what is happening in their mind, as it happens over time. What they can find is that with the passage of time their partner is getting away or they have become very strong.

If the former occurs, one may feel rejected and abandoned, and what may follow is a feeling of being useless. Nevertheless, if the latter occurs, they may feel smoother and trapped, resulting in them feeling powerless.


If something like this was to happen, the first thing is to blame your partner. Rather than going back and reflecting on what is happening, what is happening externally will be seen as an issue.

As a result of this, their partner may react negatively to what they said, which may lead to even more hatred. Another thing that can happen is that the relationship may end.

A similar scenario

At the same time, while one of the above events may have happened, it may be slightly different. Therefore, instead of realizing it was rejected and abandoned because their partner has actually pulled away, they could have felt this way if their partner had too much at work, for example, and their Unable to spend as much time together as they usually do. .

And, while they may feel smoother and trapped due to their partner being too strong, they can feel this way whenever they express their needs. No matter what is going on, then, it will take a fair amount of internal discomfort.

early stages

If someone was okay before having a relationship with this person, they might wonder what is going on. But, while they may be fine up to this point, there is also the chance that it is not this black and white.

He had only been seeing this person for a few weeks and had many intense experiences during this time. Perhaps there was a time when he had not heard from them for a while, as a result he felt scared and as if he was rejected.


This may be a time when they simply reacted to how they were feeling, doing what they could to get the other person to respond. Alternatively, he may have felt how he felt and tried to act normal.

His need to make a good impression at this point kept him from criticizing the other person. Based on how they feel, they wanted the final thing to stop talking to them completely.

An outlook

One way to see what happened before and / or what is happening now that they are in a relationship would be to say that one is simply overacting. Ergo, the best thing for them would be to make sure that they don’t catch their ‘irrational’ feelings.

One can come to believe that they have to be careful of what is going on in their mind, due to the fact that their thoughts arouse their feelings. This is going to be all about what’s going on above.

Take a deep look

Another way of looking at it would be to say that the reason for all these feelings is that they are emotionally joined by another person, which has allowed their initial wounds to surface. Consciously, one person may not see the other person as his or her caregiver, but inadvertently, this may be what one sees of them.

On a deeper level, part of them will give their partners a look at what their carers did not give them, and when it does not, how they felt during their early years will return to the surface . And not only how they would feel during their early years, when their partner does not behave in a certain way, it can happen, even if this part of them believes something has happened.

Deep pain

There is no need for clear evidence to open his initial wounds thereafter. It is even more complicated that although this part of them would like to get what they did not achieve all those years ago, experiencing the same experience over and over again would be what feels safe.

When their wounds open, they may feel like a needy and dependent child. Perhaps his early years were a time in his life when his needs were seldom, if ever met, which means he would be rejected and take a long time to leave.


Years passed in approaching that stage of his life but the trauma he experienced would still be within him. If someone can relate to it and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for outside help.

It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

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