Relationships: Can A Relationship Allow Someone To Become More Integrated?


When someone first starts spending time with another person, they may feel that they only experience good feelings. If there are moments when they do not, these moments may soon pass.

The same can apply even when they are not in the company of other individuals, with this time when they think of them they will experience good feelings. If there are moments when they do not, then these moments may pass before too long.

A gradual change

However, as weeks and months pass, they may feel that their emotional experience has begun to change. There may be times when they do not experience good feelings when they are with their partner and it can happen when they think of them.

When this happens, the person may experience emotional pain appropriately. One might believe that the reason they feel isolated is because of what their partner has done or because their partner has changed in some way, for example.

One direction

If they come to this conclusion, there is no need for them to take a step back and see if there is more to it. There is a reason for what is going on and they did not feel how they are feeling.

The result is that they can blame their partner, with it being clear that they are wrong. Their partner can go with this until the end or they can push back.

out of balance

If their partner goes along with it, it may show that their partner does not have a clear idea of ​​what they are responsible for and what they are not responsible for. Because of this, it would be normal to take blame for things that have nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, if their partner draws a line and does not depend on who does not belong to them, then one can see what part they are playing. If they do so, it will positively impact their relationship and it will also complete their own development.

A different outlook

The reason for this is that anyone will resist their own wounds to blame their partner. This will prevent them from projecting their issues on their partner, giving them a chance to work through their inner wounds.

These internal wounds may be related to what has happened in their adult lives and they may return during their childhood years. Unlike a physical wound, an internal wound will not just heal on its own.

The presence

An emotional wound can simply be covered up and forgotten about their conscious mind. The downside of this is that when it is brought to the surface, months or even years later, another person can be blamed for how they feel.

For an emotional wound to heal the wound, how one should be with the person and give the wound its full attention. One is not resisting or trying to change how they feel, they are happening to their emotional self.

A big impact

One way to see these emotional wounds would be to make it difficult for them to function as a human being. They are again visible from the inside, but inside they will be everything.

Another way of looking at this would be that one would divide many different parts within them. To keep these parts at bay one would take a fair amount of energy and it would not be possible for them to show up completely.


For example, anyone can be in great physical shape, but they will not be completely in their power. What this implies is that if one ignores these internal wounds, they will not be able to function at their best.

Still, what could happen is that someone might get used to living this way, which is why it may seem like everything is okay. Their energy is unlikely to be as strong as it could be and their presence is likely to be low.


As they begin to work through their emotional wounds and integrate these divided parts, more of them will be able to show up. In addition, they will be less reactive and will be able to be more present around their partner.

One €

So by looking at their emotional pain in a completely different way, it will be easier for them to grow and develop. They will realize that whenever emotional pain arises, they will be called upon to accept it; It would not want to be pushed down or turned into something positive.


If someone can relate to this, and they want to become a more integrated human, they may need to reach out for outside help. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

One may need external support because they may not be able to handle these wounds by themselves, which will prevent them from being able to work with them. By having a place near them for someone else, they will be able to go to a place where they themselves will not go.

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