Relationships: Can A Past Life Connection Cause Someone To Stay In A Dysfunctional Relationship?


If someone were to come to the conclusion that they are in a relationship that is not very healthy, they can see what they can do to change it. Through this approach, it will give them a chance to see if anything can be done.

Most likely what they would need to do and then, would be the part that their partner needed to play. Therefore, if they are both willing to do what needs to be done, then it can only be a matter of time before they change in this area of ​​their lives.

a dead end

Then, one may find that their partner says that they are ready to change, but that’s as it goes. This could be something that they will end by saying more than once, making it clear that they are all talking and no action.

At the same time, their partner can find out whether their relationship is okay or they can say that they are not themselves who need to change. Either way, it will become clear that their relationship is not going to get better; In fact, it is likely to be much worse.

One €

Running apart

One can cut off their relationship with this person or they can continue to live in a relationship that does not serve them. If they move, it will allow them to fix and see what they may need to do to find a more suitable match.

On the other hand, if they stay with this person, they will underestimate themselves. If they live with them, what they may feel is that they are no longer emotionally attached to them.

it ended

The emotional part of their being may be off to protect themselves from pain. To feel how they are feeling is especially painful, because their partner is no longer responding to their needs.

They can live together again but it can happen as if they live a million miles away from each other. At this point, it will be a relationship that takes a lot from them and gives them very little in return.

Internal conflict

For their own purity, it will be necessary for them to muster up courage and move on with their lives. For example, if they reach out to support friends and family, what would be easier than this.

After all, no one is their own island; He is an interdependent human. It can also help for them to think about how bad their life will be if they do not form a relationship with their partner.

Slightly different scenario

Now, if someone is in a dysfunctional relationship, it would be bad enough, but it could be worse if they were with someone they had a really close relationship with. What this can mean is that they are with someone they have been with before.

However, it would not be someone who was a few months ago or a few years ago; This would be someone who had a relationship in a previous life. On one level, being with this person may cause them all kinds of problems, but on another level, they may feel that they should be together.

A strong attachment

Maybe someone has tried to improve their relationship and their partner has also tried, yet it did not let the relationship take a different path. If no one saw this person as someone with whom they had a previous life relationship, they might have been missed long ago.

Being with this person will have a negative impact on their mental and emotional health, yet will hold another part of them. This part of them can be seen as leaving this person, which will end their life.

Another perspective

If someone were to open up about something else that they are doing, they might be said in the end that they are addicted to this person. And that what is holding them is nothing but love.

After hearing this, one can dismiss this person as saying that they simply do not understand. Alternatively, it can have a profound effect on them, making them realize how toxic their relationship actually is.

Back to their sessions

If this happens, then the person will be able to pay attention to what is happening now, not what happened in another life. It would be better for their wellbeing to focus on what is going on right now and to allow them to determine how they behave.

Or to be more precise, it would be far better than focusing on what is still happening in another life that is happening in the past as well as in the future is going to be eternal now. Anyway, it will be his present life that he needs to pay attention to and allow this to drive his decisions.


If someone can relate to this, and they can see that they are leaning on someone who is not a good match for them, then they may need to reach out for outside support. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

During this time, he may need to work through the trauma that he experienced as a child as well as the trauma he experienced in another life.

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