Relationships: Are Some People Here To Save/Rescue Others?


There are some people who usually pose as weak, powerless and incapable, and then there are those who are usually strong, powerful and capable. The former can look to the latter to save them, and the latter can do what they can to save the former.

This dynamic is also often played on the world stage, with world leaders seeing themselves as people who need to protect their own citizens and the citizens of the world. The former will be omnipotent and the latter will be completely helpless.

Back to person

Therefore, when a person becomes strong, powerful and capable, a lot of their time can be spent trying to solve other people’s problems. Most, if not all, of his friends may be people who are difficult to handle in life.

Fortunately, for these people, then, there will be someone in their lives who can help them handle their problems. They can be extremely grateful that they have someone like this in their lives.

Two experiences

However, this does not mean that being in someone’s life will not cause them to think incorrectly, so should speak from time to time. Many times, these people may find that the person crosses their boundaries and tries to do a lot.

In other words, they will be moments when they are more like a parent than a friend or family member, for example, and it may mean that a part of them resides in them. Nevertheless, they can try their best to hide this thing from this person and themselves.

out of balance

As one time for others in this way, it may mean that at least one area of ​​their life is not doing very well. Nevertheless, they could do this to ensure that they were not affected by it.

They will usually be seen as someone who is strong and this will be the image they will try their best to project. It seems as if they are inherently different and they are born to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.

Bath in acceptance

Now, while one is likely to neglect at least one area of ​​their life and experience pain as a result, it does not mean that they will realize it. Thanks to all the positive feedback they are likely to receive, they may be able to stop themselves from acknowledging what is really going on.

What is going on around them can prevent them from being aware of what they face, which allows them to behave in the same way. A point may come with time, however, when it will not be possible for them to do so.

caught up

It may be years before this happens and they may have to go through a breakup or loss to change their behavior. By this point, they may have no reason to take a step back and reflect their behavior.

Currently, they are going into one externally and will gain a lot of approval to do so. This is why they may need something extreme to shake.

A bistander

If it is placed before them that the person who really needs to protect them is himself, then it cannot have much effect on them. They can say that there is nothing wrong with them and it is others who need to be saved.

It is likely to clarify that they see themselves as just an observer who is walking ‘outside’, which is why what is going on around them will not have much to do with them. They will simply come in contact with people who need to be saved and this can be seen as a result of how capable they are.

at goal

If they are religious or spiritual, they may also believe that these people are sent to them so that they can help them. One will have a special purpose, one that joins them here to help those who cannot help themselves.

However, if it were put aside and one had to reflect on the fact that they are not just an observer walking ‘outside’, it would give them an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of what is going on. This will be a time when they will need to keep the identities that their minds have set aside; If they do not, they will be held back.

Going deep

If they were to go deep within themselves, they may find that trying to save / save others is an indirect way for them to try to protect themselves. These people will be a reflection of the injured parts of themselves that they have left out of their conscious awareness.

Then it is not that they need to save these people; It is that they need to heal the injured parts of themselves which motivate them to co-produce this experience. Therefore, what is going on outside will be what is going on inside them.


One who insists that one is not an observer of their reality; They are both co-producers and observers of their lives. Once this is understood, one will see that if they develop a certain identity then their lives have to reflect this identity.

Subsequently, if they see themselves as someone who is here to protect / save others that will be their experience. An important point here is that his life is not just a reflection of what is happening in his conscious mind; It is also a reflection of what is happening in his unconscious mind.

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