The Pros And Cons Of Long Distance Relationships


If you ask some people around you now about long-distance relationships, they will tell you that they are the worst thing anyone can experience. But things are not as they say. As with many other things, long-distance relationships have pros and cons.

As an optimist, I’d start with professionals or long distance relationships:

  • You miss your partner – Often couples living together have a problem. They do not have time to miss each other due to the fact that they barely get time alone. They constantly look at each other and sometimes it can drive you crazy. In a long distance relationship you miss your partner, his smell, smile, touch and many things.
  • You get time alone – Despite the contrary beliefs, my time is very important. In and out of a relationship as well. You get time to relax, do the things you love, go out with friends, hang out with your family, study or just watch a movie or TV show that you love.
  • It’s a constant honeymoon – People who are in a long distance relationship know what I am talking about. It is important to spend time with yourself, when you get a chance to meet your partner. You drink wine together and have long romantic evenings, you go out for a walk in the park. And not to mention that sex is better.

But there are also cons when you are building a long distance relationship:

  • Distance – ironic huh? But distance is your biggest enemy. You will see your partner as many times as you want and he / she can sometimes get frustrated. Especially when you listen to your friends that they have a Friday date and you know that you have the same date that you have your laptop. Furthermore, you may feel that he may not be there for you, especially through the dark times of your relationship, because you only see his face, but he cannot embrace you.
  • Tech is your best friend – As we do not spend enough time on our phones, long distance relationship is mostly based on technology. You can Skype, Facebook, or text throughout the day to communicate with your partner.
  • Things can be hot – If you are a jealous person, you can get a little out of your mind in a long distance relationship. Mostly because you want to keep an eye on your boyfriend and if he is a few miles away, you can’t.

Despite this, people believe that long-distance relationships work. But they work only when both partners are fully committed and ready to make it work. Face-to-face relationships sometimes hiccup, let alone travel long distances. But if you are ready to make it work, then compromise and understand that this situation will not last forever, your relationship will move forward. And to be fair, it’s always nice to know that someone is waiting for you at the train station when you arrive.

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