Relationships: Why Do Some People Fall Apart When A Relationship Comes To An End?


If someone is just broke, they may find that it is difficult for them to focus on other areas of their life. Because of how much pain they are in, everything else may fade in the background.

Perhaps he was with someone for a long time and maybe he had a deep connection with her. So, now that the relationship is over, it is normal for them to be in pain.

The death

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If the phase they are going through can be very much the same as they might be when another person passes. Not passed on their ex, but what they do together will no longer exist.

This shows that it does not matter if another person has passed or if they have settled from someone’s life; It is still being experienced as a disadvantage. In both cases, their lives will never be the same again.

A gradual process

However, providing that anyone allows themselves to grieve and work out how they feel should be able to rise once again. As weeks and months pass, they may find that they begin to feel better.

What faded in the background in the beginning may return to their lives. Thus, the things he has lost interest in may soon be the things he enjoys doing again.

External support

Another thing that will be important for them will be to ensure that they have the right people in the meantime. It will be those who show him support and encouragement.

Also, doing things with these people will give them a break from what is taking them. If someone had their own island, they could rise again with the help of someone else.

A distant memory

Soon a time may come when they will come back to see what happened and it will be as if they are just missing something they saw on TV. Then there will be feelings that arise within them, but these feelings will not erase them.

When they reach this point, they can see that while this point in their lives was difficult, it allowed them to grow. There can be many different things that they learned, and they may even quit meeting someone who is a better match.


One way to look at the above scenario would be that this is what one would expect if they were about to go through a breakup. They do not want to experience pain when the relationship ends, yet they certainly want to pursue their lives with the passage of time.

However, this is not going to happen to everyone. For some people, a break up can result in a lot of pain and this pain may not subside over time.

Two extremism

Unlike the person above, such a person may experience a deep sense of loss but may not be as far away as it will go. In addition to feeling depressed and hopeless, they may also feel suicidal.

Their inner world is about to become completely disheveled, and one can feel that their entire world has ended. The reason for his being alive must have gone, with the reason for his getting out of bed.

Down right down

From the outside, they will look like a complete human being, yet from inside they will feel nothing but complete. Like a small boat on the sea, there will be nothing to freeze their thoughts and feelings.

They can usually recover before they were in a relationship, making it difficult for them to understand why they are so messed up. Of course, if they too are able to think clearly at this stage of their lives.

A reason

This may show that they did not receive the kind of care they needed as a child to develop a strong core / sense of self. Instead, it would have been a time when they were neglected.

Therefore, now that their attachment has ended, it will remove the pain they experienced during this phase of their life. And as it is painful for them to experience this pain now, it will give them a sense of how painful it must have been for them as a child.

No basis

Another way of looking at what happened would be to say that there would be a house that is built on sound. If they had received the right care, they would have been a house that would have a strong foundation.

Through laying a strong foundation, the emotional strength inside them makes it easier for them to know what to do. This is why childhood neglect does so much harm as a strong foundation that there is no need to be able to handle life as an adult; One just ends up with layers and layers of trauma and even brain damage.


If someone can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for outside help. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

Working with someone in this way can allow them to go where they themselves do not go. Such a presence is provided by a person, making it easier for them to feel how they feel and work, however their pain.

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