Relationships: Is The Purpose Of A Relationship To Trigger Old Wounds?


When someone starts dating another person, they may find that they feel really good. Then they are still going to the same planet they were before they met this person, but it could be as if they had been taken elsewhere.

This area of ​​their life is going to be good and the benefits about every area of ​​their life can also end. The good feelings they feel in relation to this person will be directed towards another part of their life.

One focus

However, being in this person’s life will have a positive impact on their well-being, they may find it difficult for them to focus on other areas of their life. Like a child who has a new bike waiting for them at home, they can usually focus on this person.

Therefore, when they are at work, they may not be able to perform in the same way as they usually do. Then again, they may be able to turn this person aside if needed.

on top of the world

They may have started both as separate beings and they still will, but it may be as if they merged into one. The experience of the two merging with their mother as a child may have returned to a sympathetic childhood state with them.

Just about all their troubles and concerns may fade into the background, thanks to the connection that they have with each other. The chemicals left in his brain will undoubtedly play a big role in all this.

trip on

Weeks and months can go by and everything can continue in the same direction. How good they both feel when they are together and when they are apart, it can feel like they are on a vacation that will never end.

This is not to say that the odd issue will not arise, but if it does, it may not have much impact on their relationship. But, as soon as a real holiday ends at some point, there is a chance that sooner or later something will happen that will bring these people back to Earth.

out of nowhere

One can do or say something and the other person may lose it completely. After that, anyone can stay focused and try to figure out what’s going on, or they can behave in the same way and add even more fuel to the fire.

Alternatively, one may find out that they are having a relationship with their partner or that they were already in a relationship with someone else. After finding out about this, they could emotionally kill Rock Bottom.

Two experiences

If something is small, as if their partner loses it, they may feel that everything is fine after a while. A small fire would have appeared and it would not have taken long to get it out.

Still, if something has happened, such as their partner having an affair, it may not be easy. A huge fire would have appeared and it would not be possible for him to go out.


Whatever it is, anyone is likely to find that some feelings will arise within them. If their partner loses it, the feelings may not be as strong as those who wanted to lose it.

Nevertheless, emotional pain may have come to the surface and it can be difficult to understand why this has happened. Until they know about their feelings and just react to what is going on.

an objective

If anyone believes that they have found ‘one’ and this area of ​​their life will always go smoothly, then naturally it will be a challenge for them to accept what is going on. However what has happened will not be the main problem; What will be the main problem are the expectations that he made.

Whatever has happened, their reaction will most likely be if they believe that they are brought along by those who will trigger their wounds and allow them to reestablish and heal. This will enable them to see that it may seem that another person has made them feel a certain way, usually much more than this.


Focusing on being out of touch with what is going on within them and ‘taking it out of there’ will distract them from what is actually going on. Then it will become normal for them that what their partner has done or not done is lost in the drama.

Ultimately what is going on is just to bring parts of themselves to the surface that they need to heal. Therefore, if someone is running externally and ignores what is happening internally, they are trapped in an illusion (Maya).

some examples

If their partner has a tendency to lose it and they end up walking on an egg peel, it may show that they had to do the same thing around one of their carers. This person is triggering anger and rejection as well as fear, among other things, that have been within them for years.

Conversely, if his partner has had an affair and this knocks them sideways, it may show that he experienced a lot of neglect during his early years. The anger, rejection, abandonment and sense of worthlessness that they can now feel will probably go back to when they had a dependent child.


Getting caught up in what is going on (the story) can set up to feel like a victim and suffer unnecessarily. And instead of being able to see that the other person has been brought into their lives to assist in their development (they would not consciously know this), they would blame them.

If anyone can relate to this, and they are ready to heal their wounds, they may need to reach out for outside help. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

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