Men And Relationships


Today men are often accused of not being able to communicate, not affectionately enough or romantic enough. Men often feel misunderstood because of these accusations and this brings about a break-down in communication that leads to quarrels and possibly a relationship.

All the men I see in the clinic are complaining about the same thing. He feels his companions criticize and harass him. Men often feel undernourished, inaccessible and unpublished. These feelings can cause them to lose their self-esteem and bring them to a point where they stop communicating with their peers completely and leave the relationship.

Many times, men get the blame for not communicating when it is women who do not keep their boundaries and ask what they really want. Men are confused and walk on egg peels to speak in an attempt to please their partner. There is a huge misconception that the respect required for a healthy relationship falls apart. The middle ground disappears to interact.

The reason for this is that some men may still hold an older view on roles in a relationship. Many think that their partner should play the role of a mother, which means that they should take care of the house, feed them, wash clothes and take care of the children. Some men expect their partners to not only do all this but look like a million dollars when they come home after a hard day’s work. The moment you step into the role of that “mother”, she will start thinking about you differently and act accordingly. Men and women participate equally in communication.

Lack of appreciation occurs on both sides when a relationship fails. Women need to realize that men too need time to rest and relax. Just because he is not interested in your work day and he teases that he yells at other screaming kids and you are stressed out, that does not mean he does not love you and his children . He too has been a long day and returned home with issues of his own. nothing to do with you. Perhaps he also needs his time to rest and relax.

Keep in mind that men are wired differently to women. When they are asked ‘can you do the washing’, they are thinking ‘Yes, I can’, but you have not asked them to do so now! So as long as he can do the washing, the question is, will he actually do the washing, now please? Hence perhaps more direct communication is sometimes required. It is all on a subconscious level. This leads to differences in the different ‘wiring’ assumption. So, by the time he has eaten and is tired and has slept on TV, you feel frustrated because the dishes are left and do not help the relationship. It may not be a big deal for him because all the dishes are not going anywhere.

Importantly, when one partner in a relationship begins to feel less equal to the other, there is a decrease in communication, fights, exchange of words, which we often do not mean, but not back. Can take The entire relationship can be affected. There are always two sides to debate and men probably need to know that some women need to have a lot of affection, romance and more talk, women also need to be aware that our man needs to It is necessary to know that he is appreciated for the qualities that he possesses. And you value his input.

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