Do You Continually Attract the Wrong Relationships?


Do you want to continue the wrong relationship?

The universe reacts accurately to our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Even if we are not aware of what we are sending. There is not a special stick that some people waving over their heads to bring them what we think we deserve and never meet. The universe does not work that way. It brings us what we feel we deserve.

We can very well have a clear picture of what we want or who we want. We can have a lively feeling that feels like it is. We can have some kind of knowledge that all this will come true for us. So why don’t we see the results that have been promised?

Let’s look at it from the point of changing our clothes. We can change our clothes (the outside world) daily and show it in our lives as we choose. When we change our outer world, our clothes, we only change our worn masks and how we are showing society. It will help to an extent to manifest what we want in our life. But the real work is in changing our underwear. Yes i said Changing our underwear will change our life and create the energy we want in our life. In this case our underwear represents our thoughts, our beliefs and our feelings. The deep dirty stuff we are hiding.

It is all right and great to change our external thoughts, we all have to start somewhere. It is said to be fake until you make it. It works. This works as long as you continue right up to the gritty of nighty. We cannot wear it in new clothes when an uneasy thought creates confidence or emotion. We have to see it, we have to feel it, we have to hear it, we have to fix it, and we have to let it go. This is the process of changing your underwear. Changing your inner world. This is the inner world that sends your truth to the outer world. You are attracted to your truth. Are you constantly missing your mark?

Did your inner world become uncomfortable to sit on while going through the process? At some point did something come up that you chose to prepare rather than address it completely? If so, that short cut is what is holding you back from attracting what you desire. If you are afraid of abandonment, but wear it in elegant clothing, you will still attract abandonment, simply because you are still vibrating at that core of your fear level. Make a friendship with that inner abandonment, love that aspect of you, know where it came from, let it be there, it’s the process of changing your underwear. This is not an easy task, in fact it is often very emotional. Sometimes we need assistance to work through it. Although seeking help makes us weak, it can often speed up healing. It is very helpful for us to support and coach someone through healing. Whether you want to take this step on your own or seek help, work has to be done. Once you take this step, you will immediately start attracting what you want.

Choose a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, just make sure the underwear matches the dress. Once everything matches you become a magnet for all your desires. You will be surrounded by people who love you, because you love yourself completely.

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