Are Your Relationships Keeping You Stuck? The Invisible Strings of Important People in Your Life


Often, the most dangerous obstacles to personal and professional development and to find your passion are unconscious. Women blame themselves, rather than looking outside to see what might be behind. As a woman once said to me, “Like, it’s easier to blame yourself than to dig deep.”

Therefore, if you are interested in digging deeper to find your passion then some possible clues can be found. Your relationships with the important people in your life actually call you invisible strings. Here are six possibilities for those who can be an obstacle for you to find your passion or move on professionally: your parents, siblings, spouses / partners, best friends, bosses, and your mother (your Separated from parents).

1. Your parents: You can take old items from your mother and / or father. Have they sent you a message that you were not successful? Have you heard from them that you are “klutz,” “lazy,” or some other label that defines how you see yourself? Even if they are long dead, you will still be taking these messages about yourself.

2. Your siblings: The ghosts of your childhood relationships with your younger or older siblings can still affect how you see yourself. Pictures of how they look back at you can be frozen in time, so you continue to see them and yourself through that old lens.

3. Your spouse / partner: Lack of the support or support of the important person in your life can have a big impact on your being independent for the most exploration you are doing. If it is not helpful, you may feel restless by taking forward plans that might outlast you – leaving it behind. Usually this is not a conscious decision. But, often women lose their desires for personal or professional development if their “he” is discouraging.

4. Your best friend: Again, if your best friends are not ready to grow, the issue of loyalty will come up. You may feel that you are leaving him behind; If he is depressed, you may feel bad talking about the exciting aspects of your life. And, which is most unfortunate, these feelings can faint, so you can hold yourself back – without even knowing it.

5. Your Boss: Well, even if your boss is a dingbat (or you fill in the best word here), can you allow yourself to fly? Perhaps you will have to change jobs, but often you can work around the boss – once you realize you have been held back.

Your mother: Sometimes daughters, grown up daughters inadvertently feel a betrayal if they are more successful than their mother. This is especially true if their mothers are resentful of not being able to use their skills or talents in their careers. Because the feeling is unconscious, a daughter holding herself back cannot relate to herself with the unfinished dreams of her mother.

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