Why Do Great Relationships Fail? And How To Keep/Get Your Amazing Relationship!


There is no simple answer to why most people think relationships fail. Before I start revealing the simple, yet rarely known reason why a relationship fails, let’s first define the term relationship in this article. Relationship is defined as: the way two people behave (think primarily) towards each other.

We both know that relationships usually begin with the best foot of a person; Meaning they are thinking best of the other person. Then, after a while (after the honey moon period, which I personally believe should never end) the couple will return to their previous performance or training if you will; Meaning they start displaying tapes of their relationship (their beliefs they learned from their parents). This extremely common occurrence is usually strong enough to end 60% of marriages. And marriages that do this for more than 10 years, a very large percentage of these partners are living “together” in the relationship because it is convenient. As a result, only a very small percentage of the wedding couple is truly in love and thus enjoying the readily available Chiranthan honey moon phase.

Why are great relationships only with hands full of people? Answer: They understand what influence their thinking and imagination have in their relationships. In addition, they have found a common basis of continuous development and curiosity and appreciation of each other. However, being able to do so, they must first fall completely in love with themselves. If you think about it, how can you love another, if you don’t love yourself? It is impossible to love another without loving yourself first. I know I have tried. Also, doesn’t it make sense? Think about it. Will you ever go to a dentist who has grafted your teeth and made them work for you? I hope not!

As a result, we can quite easily deduce that the relationships that have failed are due to this one simple fact; People in relationships looked to each other for their love and fulfillment. I think you are getting the point. what can we do about it? Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, you can now begin to build your self-esteem and self-love by imaging images of joyful emotion by creating images and scenes with your partner or future partner. And then see what the universe will bring to you and your life. It is a never ending journey that you will not want to get off.

In other words, doing this simple practice with your mind will eventually lead to a lot of satisfaction in your present or future relationships. How does it work so well? It works because no one told you that your thoughts hit their target immediately. For example, if you are thinking that your husband is being mean? What is the probability that your husband is angry about coming home from work? I have done many studies in my book to prove that this reality of life really happens with every thought you think, with everything in life!

In any case, as you begin to love yourself more and more unconditionally, you cannot help but also begin to notice the positive characteristics of your partner; When you first met your partner. This daily personal development cannot help, but can become a powerful catalyst in bringing greater enjoyment and satisfaction to your daily life and your relationships, especially with yourself and your power. There is one obvious thing that lets you know if you are on track whether or not you are successful in building your present relationship or your future and make an amazing performance. Do you know what this is? This is your good feelings!

Let’s break this down a little bit so that you can understand the deeper meaning of loving all of us. On what percentage of time does a person think on average what they are thinking and feeling? The sad but true answer is: it’s almost zero! This is crazy, but most people live this way! Never felt that they are distancing themselves from their dreams with their infinitely powerful feeling thoughts. I do not have space here to share facts and science about your thinking and feelings; However, I share these facts in my book which I mention below. In any case, when they notice their thoughts causing negative feelings, do they feel that they are actually causing stress damage to their bodies? And pushing away the possibility of good future experiences? No they don’t!

Most people never think for a second what their thinking does for their lives and bodies and relationships. For example, when you focus on something or someone (who thinks in a negatively producing way) that you feel bad; This is a very common example of stress. What does stress do to your body and brain? Does stress (negative emotions) put you in a good position to make good decisions? Or do you have a tendency to do this and do things you regret later? The answer is clear. Yes! In any case, I think you are hearing the idea (truth) or at least hearing it for the first time. Now, that’s good!

But there is something more important here. There is an eternal part of you (some say God, aka Source, aka Infinite, Higher Self, etc.) that does not react to your actions, but to your personal thoughts and thoughts and decisions, In other words, your current beliefs. The brilliant scientist Albert Einstein shared this timeless message when he was physically alive, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He also said, “Imagination is everything, it is a life preview of upcoming attractions.” What did he mean by these profound statements? She meant that something you worry about or enjoy about her eventually gets herself closer to you and eventually experiences you.

And here’s the kicker, your emotions, (positive feelings and negative feelings aka stress) let you know immediately whether you’re going to like the experience or not when you finally find yourself right in the middle of it. Nothing happens by chance. There is no antidote. You will have and always invite all your experiences into your life and body. As a result, when you are habitually grateful and appreciative and loving towards yourself and others, you will always be guided by thought and action inspired by more and more amazing experiences in your life. This is a beautiful thing that we all have done internally.

And at the same time, if you are habitually fighting or arguing or blaming or complaining or fearing or negatively harassing or judging yourself and others, then you are more There will always be leadership (directed) for more unwanted experiences. Remember, you will always have your free will; Meaning your thoughts (beliefs) are the ones that have created your situations and circumstances, not your actions or spoken words. All the negative experiences you have won are created and brought about by you to awaken yourself and eventually learn who you really are. Whether you currently believe it or not, you have put every obstacle and every good experience in your life, no one else has done it for you.

Start imagining amazing experiences with your partner or future partner now! Glad you did!

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