The Three Types of Romantic Relationships


There are basically three types of relationships:

1. emotional

2. Sexual

3. Financial

enough. There are relationships for emotional satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and financial satisfaction. If you are in a relationship with a person, it will be at least one of these three reasons. The problem comes when the two sides have different relationships. A woman may be dating a man because he is paying her bills, and she may be dating him strictly for sex. Or a woman may be dating someone she is emotionally attached to while he is dating her because she gives him a dollar or two. Two people dating in an ideal relationship are emotionally, sexually and financially on the same page. If there is a deficiency in one of these areas, and the deficiency is not rectified, the relationship will be temporary.

So ladies, when you start dating a man, you must first be real (especially with yourself) as to what your real agenda is. If you are strictly dating someone because of their financial contribution, then accept it. Do not try to justify yourself by getting into a superficial relationship with the person and deceive yourself into believing that you may like other qualities about the person. You also have to find out what the other person’s real agenda is. Do not leave them to state this.

In any game, you have to play at least good defense until you are absolutely sure that the other person is ready for the same team as you. When you meet a person for the first time, you cannot tell whether they are with you or against you. And if someone has a plan to get over you, or what they can get from you without getting it, they are definitely not going to tell you this up front. More than 90 percent of all communication is nonverbal. So it is up to you to look and listen very closely to a person’s nonverbal language (and your own hopes and expectations) so that you can find out where they are coming from.

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