Making Long Distance Relationships Work – Tips


Holidays mean relaxing, and while there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on a white sand beach with a frosty pink adult drink that’s filled with paper umbrellas – you know, the kind of drink you make Dead orders won’t be caught at once – an added “relaxation” option is the perfect chance for a subtle affair at a hotel offering some travel. Before everyone jumps in with hate mail, think about it: short relationships can be good for you, with minimal commitment and shallow emotional involvement. As long as both sides understand the rules that go into the game, there should be no hurt feelings nor ego victimization. Sometimes it can be therapeutic to spend time with someone with whom you are not attached.

The issue here, which I cannot stress enough, is that everyone involved in this shining sun should be fully aware that it is going to last as long as you have a vacation. Do not lead people and certainly do not put anyone (including yourself) in a situation where the holiday becomes an epic love poem that is sorely lacking by the end of your time in the Bahamas. The romance of a holiday is not disillusionment with a one-night stand – which is fine until both sides know that it is a one-night stand.

If you live in Chicago and she lives in Albuquerque, and the two of you are seeking the consent of adults with enough intelligence to realize that it will be difficult to maintain a long-term relationship that starts in Waikiki, and if you Everyone has cognizance of both and still want to go together, go for it. There is no harm in vacation fling. Depending on the kind of person you are, this may be an opportunity to reunite with someone you would not normally consider dating. Or a chance to just laugh and play in the surf and go to your palanquin bungalow before the sun goes down. Who knows? Maybe you just feel the urge to do something wild and without regrets – the meaningless relationship of I Am Jack.

Do not automatically assume that such relationships are bad, or mean, or harmful, or dangerous, or that they may not work. None of this is true. The reason for “meaningless relationships” is so bad that they are almost never really meaningless. People calmly agree to things they do not want, or they disturb feelings that are not shared. Sometimes it is a matter of simple miscommunication. But when you are on your journey and you see that beautiful lady in a bikini top and wraparound sari with ankle deep in crystal blue water, only go for it if two things are true:

1) that you have fun over and you have gone home, and have no intention of removing long-term anger once

2) You are ready to live with the possible consequences associated with missing it. It is expected that she will, in turn, only join him if the same is true for her.

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