Book Review: Divorceless Relationships by Gary M Douglas


Some people just do not have a relationship. Why is being single is such a crime and a person’s worth is judged by whether he has a significant other? Being single is just an option – it does not make you right or wrong, success or failure. You will choose what makes you happy.

Some people (and it may be most of us at certain points of our lives) keep sacrificing themselves in relationships “to build a relationship”, “to love the other person”, so they can gain recognition Is that “they are good lovers and they are loved”. Isn’t that the moment when most relationship problems start?

What if the loving act or attraction we are thinking is just based on decisions?

Some people decide who is attractive, based on what the media defines as attractive (other people’s decisions), what their family and friends tell them is desirable (other people’s decisions), but they are not Who really likes. No wonder people find the person they “thought” that they initially fell in love with, gradually becoming not desirable … because they never saw the person for whom they really were First place!

Start with a practical definition of the word – “relationship”

  • The way two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected or are connected

  • Blood or marriage

  • The way two or more people or organizations behave and behave towards each other

Is measured by how much the distance between the two objects (or people) is and will always be the degree of separation.

This is the intimacy we really want, not just relationships. What if a true intimacy is attained only when all obstacles are low and there is no decision in between? Just an acknowledgment of what the other person is good, bad and ugly … and magically unique when they themselves are going through their heart of hearts …

Some places in the book are confusing to read first and for a true purpose. They stop you and get that wonderful AHA moment before returning to the lesson and you will start chuckling under your breath as you read moreā€¦

Overall, author Gary Douglas is unaware that we cut pieces of ourselves to please others and that we don’t need to divorce ourselves, especially in the most important relationship. Relations, or communal with oneself.

You use this book to bring joy and happiness to your life and rediscover you.

I suggest this for those who want to live a more conscious, joyful, happy life. Just read it and see if it will change your perspective on relationships.

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