Teen Relationships


Before I start talking about teenage relationships I think I will have to give an explanation. Many people when they think of the word relationship automatically equate it to love or sex. According to the general definition of a relationship, it is a relationship between two or more elements and these elements can be anything from chemical substances to humans. Therefore it is easy to deduce from this definition the meaning of this term applied to humans. A teen relationship can be any kind of relationship

  1. Same sex teenagers
  2. Like boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, between teenagers of the opposite sex
  3. Between teens and other individuals of the same or different sex and different ages.

The quality of these relationships may also vary, but there are two types of teenage relationships that I am going to talk about here;

  • Teen friendship and
  • Teen love relationship

Teen friendship

This type of adolescent relationship would be in all the three categories above. It can exist between a teenager and other individuals of the same or different sex and age. A good friend – no matter age or gender – is one of the best things for you on this earth. A very good friend who is special to you and means a lot to you. A person who is always there for you.

Many successful love relationships have started with friendship and perhaps this is the reason for its success. The better you know the other person, the better you will be with him and in long lasting love relationships – as man and woman – as a friend. Your appreciation of your partner means more than anything else. Would be too much. If we look at it from the other end, it seems more difficult to form friendship than love or sex. In fact, I have not heard of it, you might have, but the thing is that a good friendship is always good for both based on future love relationships and as a friendship with myself.

A teenage friendship can exist between anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, background or whatever. A 13-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man can have a great and even lifelong friendship with two teenagers of the same sex.

Teenagers love relationships

While you can talk quite openly and directly in friendship, most of us know more about not hurting a partner in a love relationship. It can develop to a extent of lies and even there is no communication at all to protect your partner.

A love relationship also has greater interpersonal expectations and involves more intimate feelings than a good friendship. A teenage love affair can be great and long lasting but if there is no basis for friendship in it, then it is quite unlikely to sustain it. There are some legally defined boundaries with respect to which a teen can go into love or sex. It is illegal for people 18 years or older to have sex with a minor, but it is certainly not illegal for older friends.

A good friendship is one of the best gifts that God has provided with our lives and even if you marry the sweetest boy or girl in the world, if you are not a good friend, none of you are happy. Will happen.

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