Relationships: Is It Normal For Someone To Shut Down If Their Partner Is Not Responsive?


At the beginning of a relationship, one may find that their partner is fair or extremely sensitive. This means that this person will listen to whatever they want to say, stop doing certain things if they are negatively impacted, and be open to feedback, among other things.

In other words, anyone will feel seen and heard by this person, and they will come to know that they are present when they are around them. Also, when they are around this person, they will behave in the same way.

A positive experience

In this way being around someone is going to have a positive mental and emotional health. How they feel when they are in their presence and how they feel when they are not.

If they thought about this person, they could think about how perfect they are and how grateful they are that they have met someone in this way. What this can show is that they have been with him for a short time.

An uplift effect

When they are not with this person, they can spend a lot of time thinking about them and moving on to the positive feelings they have experienced with them. While this may mean that they are not as present as they usually are, their energy can usually be better than this.

As a result of this, his friends, family and colleagues will find that something has changed in his life. They would probably know this anyway, but even if they were not aware of the fact that one is in a relationship, their normal conduct would more or less make it clear.

A harmonious flow

If someone were to compare their relationship to something else, they can compare it to dancing. The reason for this is that, like two people who dance together, both one and their partner will work together.

In a dance, one person will move their body and another person will move their body shortly after; Whereas when it comes to their relationship, one of them will speak and the other will listen, for example. Another and their partners are then going to work together, as opposed to working against each other.

keep awake

As their relationship progresses, both may find that it is very difficult for them to live that way. However, thanks to their encouragement to each other and their commitment to their own growth, they will do what they can to ensure that they are switched off.

This may mean that one or both of them will need to learn more about the relationship or that either of them will need to work with a therapist / therapist. Ultimately, they will do what it takes to exist and be there for each other.

Another scenario

Now, while this is what happens in some relationships, others are bound to happen. Here, one may find that their partner becomes less sensitive as time passes.

Initially, they may have been fair or extremely sensitive, but this has changed with the passage of time. It can be as if they are with a completely different person.


So while they may have seen and heard during the beginning of their relationship, they will no longer feel the same. When they are with their partner, they may have moments when they wonder if they even exist.

The reason for this is that it may seem that their partner is not really there anymore. Any person can pick it up and talk about the things that are bothering them, only to find out that their partner is not interested in listening or what they have to say.

One outcome

Or, even if there are moments when they pay attention to what someone has to say, it does not mean that anything will happen. Their partner may continue to behave as before.

After experiencing this for a while, a person may stop taking. They are then full of energy and feeling alive at one point, having no energy and feeling dead at another.

self protection

One would still be in a relationship with this person, but like them, they must have checked out. Physically they will be there but they will not be there emotionally and it will be most likely to protect them.

Along with feeling around someone in such a way that they would be painful, so turning them off would be a way for them to reduce the amount of pain that they experience. The trouble is that it can prevent them from experiencing painful feelings, but it will also prevent them from experiencing pleasant feelings.

No way to live

It would be as if someone wants to dance with someone who does not want to move and this has stopped him from trying to move. Their energy must have changed and it will be important for them to do something about it.

If their partner is not ready to communicate or change their behavior, they may need to cut their relationship with them. The truth is that they do not deserve to experience life in this way.


If they are in very short space and have lost contact with their inner strength, they may need to reach outside for outside help. It is a thing that can be provided with the help of a physician or physician.

And if someone finds that this is not the first time this has happened, there is a chance that they have too many internal wounds to heal. Perhaps his early years were a time when he too felt inseparable and had to be shut down in order to survive.

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