Relationships: Can A Relationship Bring Up Emotions That Were Frozen?


If someone is not in a relationship, they may find that they are usually inhabited. What this can mean is that they are rarely emotionally flat and rarely overwhelmed by their emotions.

Being that way is naturally going to make it easier for them to do their best work and enjoy life. If they are often emotionally flat or how they feel, it will be very difficult for them to experience a difficult life.


In general, it can be said that no one will have control over their emotions nor will they try to exclude them from their awareness. As a result, people in his life could see him as someone who is calm and emotionally in tune.

Furthermore, it may not be unusual for others to open up to them about the challenges they face in their lives. This would be mitigated by the fact that these people would know that anyone would be able to share them.

A New Beginning

However, if they start seeing someone, they may feel that their inner world is starting to change. This may not be a small change, as they can be moments when they are very unstable.

Because of how they were before, they may struggle to understand what is going on for them. However, due to how strong these feelings are, it is not possible for them to proceed normally.

Early days

What can confuse them if they only know this person for a short time; This is not when there is a reason for them to feel this way. It may seem that the emotional part of them is out of control.

This cannot happen until it lasts until they can experience internal discomfort over weeks and months. Even they can reach the point where they wonder if they are with the right person.


One part of them can then feel connected to their partner and appreciate their company, but another part of them can be a very different experience. What they do next can all depend on how aware they are.

If they lack a certain level of self-awareness, they may turn away from their partner, seeing the problem. The restlessness inside them would be so strong that they were unable to hear the other part of them.

A short term solution

Taking this route may allow them to slowly settle down again, but what it will not do is allow them to experience a deeper connection with someone. Therefore, even if they feel better, it will not be for pain and even regret that they will probably experience it for a long time.

What they can find, if they start another relationship, is what happens at once. If so, it may allow them to see that what is going on is not the issue.

Live with

Conversely, if someone is able to take a step back and not realize how they are feeling, they may wonder why so much is going on inside them. One thing they could do is to talk to a close friend about it.

What this friend can tell them is that it seems that emotional pain from their past has been brought to the surface. The person they are with will be triggered just inside what was already there.

An analogy

One way to understand what has been done for them is to imagine that many items have been frozen in ice. These objects cannot be seen when the ice is frozen, but if the ice melts, the items will appear.

Likewise, the feelings inside him were frozen in his body, and after experiencing another person’s warmth, this ice began to melt. What it has done is begin to release feelings that were stuck.


Now, if one believes that their thoughts create their feelings, it can be difficult for them to accept. What they can see is that this is not the absolute truth, because they have more than that.

Emotional pain that is going on untouched, so to speak, can go back to what happened at the beginning of your life. What this will show is how long it has been in their body and that pain alone will not disappear at that time.

The time has come

One way to see what is happening would be to say that someone is ready to face this pain; If they were not, it did not come. After this they may find it difficult to accept because they are in so much pain, but this will be a time when they are being given the opportunity to become more and more complete.

This pain would also have had an effect on their resonance / vibration, and would require a lot of energy to keep it out of their awareness. By working through this pain, they will be able to feel better, change their energetic impression and give them more energy.


If anyone can relate to this, and they are ready to work, although their pain, they may need to reach outside for outside support. This is something that can happen with the help of a physician or therapist.

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