Closeness Versus Distance In Relationships


You can be emotionally a million miles away in the same bed and close to the next heartbeat, even if you are separated by miles or time. Have you ever felt to feel that you are apart or far away from your partner, even if you are within touch distance? Have you ever felt close to someone whom you see again and again or not really well?

How can you explain this contradiction? I have had both experiences on more than one occasion in my life and have tried to determine the root of this proximity and distance paradox. I don’t have a definitive answer, but I think I’m getting closer to the core of the issue.

There are many types of proximity or distance. There is: physical, emotional, financial, sexual, spiritual and psychological. I have felt that physically a million miles is emotionally close to someone. I have felt a great valley of distance between someone spiritually which is a closeness to other areas. How about you – had the same experiences? If you are in a relationship and do not feel close to your significant other or partner in any of the above ways, then I suggest you consider the value of this relationship on your way through the rest of your life and make it How to change or what it represents in the overall picture of your relationship needs or agendas.

The real problem here is when we are close in some ways and distances in others. For example, if you need more affection, emotional closeness, or romance, and your significant other needs more financial security and no need for romance or emotional closeness, then you make this difference completely unrelated. Will not concentrate. The common area or pretense in your relationship does not exist or really matter. You will contribute more distance and more procrastination to bring unresolved anger, baggage, expectations, guilt etc. to other areas of your relationship. You cannot do this intentionally, but you will do it unknowingly.

I am asking you to spend some time just to say how far you are in an existing relationship and its impact on the overall relationship and the needs and expectations of each of your relationships. If you do not evaluate positivity and negativity on any relationship on a practical basis, you may be headed for severe disappointment.

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