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Youth Representatives:

Antwan Bynum
Rocky Mount, NC
e-mail: antwan27801@yahoo.com

Antwan Bynum was born on December 5, 1986 to John and Julia Bynum being the youngest of 4 brothers and 1 sister. Now 19 years old, being the only one out of his family going to college, he attends the North Carolina Wesleyan College in which he will receive his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology.

Antwan was raised by his birth parents until the age of 12 when his mother became terminally ill with kidney failure, and a year later his dad died of cancer, left to become in foster care.

Through the rest of the years, Antwan became interested into a program called SAYSO. SAYSO stands for Strong Able Youth Speaking Out. SAYSO is under the Durham County Independent Living Resources. Through the years, Antwan became a board of director of this program, and now serves as sergeant at arms for it.

"I believe that when there is something that needs to be done, why wait and put it off to the side. Everyday, a child becomes into foster care for situations outside of their hands. Some feel that maybe it's their fault when indeed it's not. Let's do everything we can to stop things like this from happening, let's advocate." -Antwan


Tyler Bacon
Jacksonville, FL
email: tbaby568304@yahoo.com

Tyler is a 2004 graduate of Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville, FL. He is currently attending Florida Community College of Jacksonville where he is majoring in Psychology. Tyler was in the foster care system for the 6 years before turning 18.

Tyler has held various positions on different youth advisory boards including the following: President of Voices Youth Board; Youth Advocate for Community Partnership for the Protection of Children (CPPC); President of State Youth Advisory Board; Vice-President of the State Youth Advisory Board; Social Coordinator for State Youth Advisory Board; Youth Representative on CPPC Governing Board; Youth Representative of CPPC Adult Advisory Board; Representative and Alternate for State Youth Advisory Board.

Speaking engagements include Edward Waters College; United Way; Jacksonville Youth Sanctuary Board of Directors; Jacksonville Boys Home for Youth; Jacksonville Youth Sanctuary Boys Home, Florida State Legislature.

Trainings attended include Professional Development; Financial Literacy; Money Management; United Way Speakers Bureau; Youth and Youth Mentoring.

Adrian McLemore
Fairborn, OH
e-mail: president_mclemore@yahoo.com

"My name is Adrian McLemore; I’m a student at The Wright State University, where I am majoring in Business Management and Political Science. I am interested in Leadership and Government and have been since the 8th Grade.

Throughout High school and so far in college I have served as President or other prominent leadership positions in various student and community organizations. I served as Class President for three years and as State President over a very prominent student organization.

I would like to become the President/CEO of a fortune 500 company/corporation. I would also like to venture into politics and one day become the President of the United States of America.

I have spent 10 years of my life in foster care. Some of the years have been good, and some of them have been not so good. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Now I give back to the people who have given to me by serving as Vice President of the VISION Youth Advisory board here in Dayton, Ohio and by serving as one of YOUR National Representatives.

Please feel free to contact me via email, if you have any questions, comments and or if you would like any advice I may be able to offer."–A.Mc.

David Serwinowski
West Seneca, New York

As a former foster care youth and a founding leader for Youth In Progress, New York State's Foster Care Youth Leadership Advisory Team, David brings a unique blend of strengths and competencies to this position.

David serves as a leader for his regional youth leadership group and the Statewide Team.

David has also worked closely with the county IL Coordinator of one of the largest counties in the state to begin a foster care alumni group that would serve to support one another and to mentor younger foster care youth. David serves as a mentor for younger foster care youth and is an excellent role model and support person for those that he mentors. David has presented at county, statewide, and national conferences about foster care mentoring programs, foster parent training, and the role of youth leadership councils to improve quality of service for youth in foster care. David lived for several years in foster care and has "aged out" of the system but continues to live with his foster parents and stay connected with his support network. David conveys a strong message to youth about their need to connect with supportive people and to utilize all of the resources that they are offered by being in foster care.

David is proficient in computer programming and is interested in a career in the technology field. He is pursuing a 4 year degree and is grateful for the assistance of his ETV award. His professional skills and his personal experience with the foster care system uniquely qualify David to serve on the Board of Directors for NILA. David is a responsible and reliable person who works hard at all that he commits to do.


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