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Daniel Memorial Institute Proudly Celebrates 21 Years
of Excellence!

"Growing Pains 2008"
In September of 2008, Daniel Memorial will host the 21st Annual National Independent Living Conference in
Orlando, FL.

Adults and youth are encouraged to apply to present workshops at this conference. If you are interested in the issues surrounding independent living and today's youth, this conference is for you!

For more information, call or e-mail Stephanie Waugerman, Conference Coordinator at (904) 296-1055 x:1013 or For more information, call or e-mail Stephanie Waugerman, Conference Coordinator at (904) 296-1055 x:1013 or swaugerman@danielkids.org

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For most young people, graduating from high school marks an important step forward in their life as young adults. For Sara, an 18-year-old in California's foster-care system, it resulted in a step back into her abusive past. As a recent high school graduate, Sara was no longer eligible for foster care and stopped receiving the food, shelter and supportive services it had provided since she entered foster care at
age 8.

With no options available, Sara did what many youth who "age out" of foster care do: She returned to her family - the very family from which she was originally removed due to abuse and neglect. In Sara's case, that meant moving back to her mother's East Oakland apartment, where her mother's heroin addiction was supported by a steady stream of paying customers and prostitution.

Sara was locked out of the apartment for hours at a time and often returned to find that her few personal possessions had been stolen and sold. She worried about her personal safety and found it hard to sleep at night. U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., wants to change that.

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The purpose of NILA is to provide a national network for sharing information from a grassroots level.

We provide technical assistance, youth advocacy, and support mechanisms to assist professionals working with foster care and promising youth who are making the transition into adulthood.


  Shelley Teras
Match Coordinator for
Orphan Foundation of America's
vMentor Program

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