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To make your decision to join NILA easier, below are some highlights of things you’ll miss by NOT being a NILA member:

  • Advocacy Alerts! As new issues that need advocacy efforts present themselves, NILA will quickly and efficiently forward those issues to members with directions needed for advocacy action through our e-mail updates or special action alerts.
  • Best Practice! NILA participates in numerous national organizations and committees which promote best practice services in independent living. This information is offered to members in the resource section of the website and in e-mail updates and newsletters.
  • Chafee Independence Act! Chafee was passed in 1999 with the main goal to improve and expand the continuum of services for children and families. NILA continuously assists members with the implementation and questions regarding this sometimes confusing law.

  • Funding Sources! Information on grants, scholarships, requests for proposals, federal monies, etc. is provided to NILA members.
  • Government Issues! When current legislative initiatives are on the table, NILA will bring the most up-to-date information to its members.
  • Independent Living Issues! NILA can provide information regarding current programs, development and implementation, and innovative practices being used throughout the country.
  • National Conferences! NILA co-sponsors the premiere independent living conference, Growing Pains. NILA members receive a discount on registration and the opportunity to learn best practices and hear success stories from organizations all over the country. We also keep members posted on upcoming conferences and events happening around the nation.
  • Networking! NILA networks with key organizations throughout country that advocate and work hard on behalf of the child welfare system and we pass that knowledge on to members. For example, NILA partners with organizations such as the National Resource Center for Youth Services, Foster Care Coalition, Alliance for Children and Families, Child Welfare League of America, etc.
  • NILA Challenge! This program offers you the opportunity to earn prizes for contributing to the website, referring new members, and attending the Growing Pains Conference. Click here for more information.
  • Positive Youth Development! NILA is committed to providing you the most up-to-date information regarding positive youth development – a best practice for service providers. Membership allows access to this training and information.

  • Searches! Can't find what you're looking for on the site? E-mail (info@nilausa.org) or call the NILA office (904) 296-1038. We can help you find the information you're looking for.

  • Service! Personal service is a hallmark of NILA. If you need help, we’re here to offer referrals, suggestions, and to help you find the resources you need. We are the only national organization that focuses on the needs of youth transitioning to adulthood and the agencies that serve them. We’re here for you!
  • Updates and Newsletters! NILA sends regular e-mail updates and newsletters to its members on new services, funding opportunities, advocacy efforts, legislation, and anything else our members need to stay informed on the world of independent living.

  • Website! One of the most important services NILA will offer is our newly redesigned website. Our website, www.nilausa.org, will be the one stop shop for all of your independent living resource needs.

It is important to have an organization such as NILA to not only offer support to agencies such as yours, but also to advocate on your behalf. Be a part of making the lives of today’s youth better!


Telephone: (904) 296-1038    E-mail: info@nilausa.org